Atheist Periodicals:

American Atheist.  Bi-monthly magazine of American Atheists.  Free sample copy

Church and State.  A monthly magazine of Americans United for Separation of Church
and State (
Beware, AU appears to actively sell its membership list to other organizations).

Empirical.  The online newsletter of the Secular Student Alliance.  

Free Inquiry. The transnational secular humanist magazine.  A publication of the
Council for Secular Humanism.  

The Freethinker (UK).  The oldest freethought publication still printed regularly.  

Freethought Today.  A 10 time yearly newspaper published by the Freedom From
Religion Foundation.  
Free sample copy available.

The Moral Atheist.  The bi-monthly magazine of Atheists for Human Rights, "because
so many violations of human rights have their source in religious authoritarianism."  
free issues available by signing up online.

The Humanist.  Bi-monthly magazine of the American Humanist Association.

International Humanist News -   The publication of the International Humanist and
Ethical Union, based in London. Available online in PDF format.

The Open Society (NZ).  The quarterly journal of the New Zealand Association of
Rationalists and Humanists.  Some issues available online.  

Philo. A bi-annual philosophical journal published by the Center for Inquiry with a
naturalist perspective.  

Secular Nation.  A quarterly publication of the Atheist Alliance International and a
positive voice for atheism.

The Skeptic Magazine (UK).  A four times yearly magazine that takes a sceptical look
at pseudoscience and claims of the paranormal.

Skeptic.  A bi-annual journal promoting science and critical thinking, edited by author
Michael Shermer.  

Skeptical Inquirer.  The Bi-monthly journal of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.  
Publishes critical scientific evaluations of paranormal and fringe-science claims.

The Truth Seeker.  Published since 1873, the Truth Seeker focuses on matters
concerning political and religious issues as well as intellectual liberation and civil
liberties. The rate of publication appears to vary from two a year, to one for multiple
Sample issues available online.
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