the Born Atheist footed fish
The flying spaghetti monster.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti
Monster was introduced in a 2005 letter
by Bobby Henderson to the Kansas
School Board suggesting that
“pastafarianism” be taught along with
creationism. After all, there is as much
evidence supporting the flying spaghetti
monster as there is for god.

The flying spaghetti monster spoof
spread quickly, mostly among younger
people, who display the flying spaghetti
monster symbol on their cars or clothes.

The flying spaghetti monster is a fun way
to counter religion; however, the church
of the flying spaghetti monster is an in-
group joke. Although the flying spaghetti
monster is the most popular of the
fictitious creatures that spoof religion,
religionists and the majority of the
population are unaware of the meaning
of the googly eyes and noodly
appendages of the creature. It gets a
laugh from those “in the know” but
misses the mark when it comes to
educating the uninitiated as to the merits
of non-religion.

Assorted creatures.

Various other creatures play on the
notion that there is as much evidence for
their existence as there is for the
existence of god.

The invisible pink unicorn is oddly both
invisible and pink (but let's see you
prove that she is not pink. . .).

The Church of the SubGenius is a
related parody.  Its beliefs defy simple
description, but you sometimes see the
"image" of their "prophet" J.R. "Bob"
Dobbs on the back of cars.

The Far East gives us the church of a
flying mouse named Dinkan.

Here are a few more:

Although fun, these parodies do little to
communicate your atheism to the
broader population.  For that purpose, a
more recognizable symbol is needed.
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Fictitious creatures.
the googly eyes and noodly appendages of the flying spaghetti monster