Chapter 1.    Born atheist       
Chapter 2.    
Religion is powerful        
Chapter 3.    
Who acts like they are right?        
Chapter 4.    
Who are those guys?       
Chapter 5.    
Names and symbols
             a.      names
             b.      symbols   
Chapter 6.    Atheism is neither a religion nor the opposite of religion        
Chapter 7.    
Who gave them the moral high ground?        
Chapter 8.    
Mormonism: religion is the strangest fiction        
Chapter 9.    
The people of the book        
Chapter 10.  
The scriptures–written by men and fixed in time       
Chapter 11.  
Small miracles       
Chapter 12.  
Jesus rising        
Chapter 13.  
No good dogs go to heaven        
Chapter 14.  
Religion, health and the environment        
Chapter 15.  
Chapter 16.  
Chapter 17.  
Faith in action: the ballad of Ted Haggard        
Chapter 18.  
Gays and religion       
Chapter 19.  
Art to die for        
Chapter 20.  
Religion and lies: necessarily intertwined        
Chapter 21.  
Superlegal actions        
Chapter 22.  
The end times        
Chapter 23.  
How deep is your love?        
Chapter 24.  
Darwin should have done it
Chapter 25.  Atheists have an image problem        
Chapter 26.  
Learning from the gay rights movement        
Chapter 27.  
Atheist action
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