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Quotes from Born Atheist:

  • Everyone is born atheist. Religion is learned. Page 7.

  • Religion requires faith because it has no facts. Page 8.

  • Religion is the world’s most powerful institution. Page 9.

  • [A]theists should feel no obligation to prove that they are good without religion.
    The question “can you be good without god,” should be as offensive and out of
    place as the question, “can a slave be good without his master? Page 47.

  • Religion is the strangest fiction. Page 61.

  • The scriptures–written by men and fixed in time.  Page 77.

  • The Torah, Bible and Koran are products of their times. Each was written by men
    and is fixed in time. The scriptures reflect the knowledge and values of their
    authors, and when they are used for modern guidance they act sort of like a time
    machine, inappropriately dragging outdated knowledge and values into the
    modern world.  Page 79.

  • A miracle is a fictitious event or fictitious explanation for a real event offered as
    evidence of the existence of a supernatural power. Page 84.

  • If prayer makes an amputated limb grow back, atheists will pay attention. Until
    then miracles are silly myths to help believers keep faith in their silly gods. Pages

  • If the “testimony” of the Bible were presented in court, the case would be
    dismissed for lack of reliable evidence. Page 92.

  • WARNING: Quitting Religion Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health.
    Page 96.

  • Religionists, who believe that the environment they despoil will be replaced by
    one pristine and new, are living a dangerous myth. Page 98.

  • It is not enough that religionists invent a bearded man in the sky, claim to know his
    will and govern their lives by scriptures written by men and fixed in time. No, to
    validate their myths they try to force others to live like them.  Page 103.

  • Religious lies–forcing children to die when they cannot yet make the choice to
    live, and forcing adults to live with artificial life support when they would want to
    die naturally, are harmful examples of how religion negatively impacts us all.
    Religion is not harmless, it is bad for your health and bad for the environment.  
    Page 103.

  • In the brutal world of the primitive past, men succeeded in dominating women
    through force, but in the modern world of tools, technology and information,
    women can stand shoulder to shoulder with men. It is crazy to allow a primitive
    ethic and ancient texts to dictate sex roles in the modern world. Yet religion drags
    ancient roles and superstitions forward and applies them today.  Page 105.

  • Failing to educate youths about reproduction, contraception and sexually
    transmitted disease prevention is like putting them on the road in cars without
    teaching them how to drive and then blaming them when collisions inevitably
    occur.  Pages 119-120.

  • The battle cry of “god, guns and gays” helped to form a coalition of the rich and
    stupid, where the rich got tax breaks, pro-business judges and lax enforcement of
    laws and regulations while the stupid got “protection” from gay marriage and a
    promise that one day abortion would be outlawed.  Page 129.

  • It is doubtless that religionists are hypocrites in their application of biblical rules.
    They do not stone adulterers. They do not stone children who curse their parents.
    They do not stone disobedient children. They do not stone those who work on
    Sunday. They do not stone those who say “god damn.” They do not avoid
    clothing of blended fibers and they do not avoid clipping the edges of their hair or
    beards. But hypocrisy aside, there is no way to read around the scriptural
    condemnation of gay sex. The scriptures were written by men and are fixed in
    time. By the terms the religionists have established, the scriptures cannot now be
    rewritten to incorporate a modern understanding of gays. If gays are okay, the
    scriptures are wrong. If the scriptures are right, then gays should be killed. Pages

  • Religionists are not satisfied with beating up gays within their congregations. As
    with so many other issues, they use their position of power to force their scriptural
    values on others. The bumper sticker slogan, “Against gay marriage? Don’t have
    one,” does not satisfy religionists. They instead use their power to apply their
    rules to everyone, enshrining discrimination against gays in the constitutions of 30
    states and the laws of 41 states. Page 137.

  • Religion, for some, is as considered as wearing socks. Page 181.

  • Religion is almost never questioned or discussed, not by the media, not by “polite”
    company and not by the religionists themselves. This deference to religion helps
    to perpetuate it. Page 182.

  • The Muslim merely tells the Christian that his version of god is incorrect. The
    atheist tells all religionists that their gods are lies. The atheist threatens the
    religionist’s belief system and strangely enough is more feared than a coreligionist
    who threatens the religionist’s life. Page 198.

  • Rather than telling the truth about atheists, that we are a small minority, generally
    kind, intelligent and as a movement disorganized and largely ineffective,
    religionists tell the lie that atheists are powerful, dangerous and agents of the
    devil. That is how frightened they are of the atheist message. Page 202.

  • Atheist celebrities currently seem more secretive about their lack of religion than
    they do about their sexuality.  Page 210.

  • Coming out as an atheist is the single most important step you can take. Page

  • The 9/11 attacks served as a wake up call for atheists. The attacks were
    religiously motivated and killed more than 3,000 people. As a direct result of 9/11,
    the United States initiated wars in Afghanistan and Iraq killing a million or more
    people. Now religion is not just a matter of creationism and the ten
    commandments in public places, it is a matter of life or death. Pages 219.

  • It is not enough to sit back and say, “religionists are crazy and there is no use
    talking to them.” They are crazy, but they are crazy and in control, with their
    hands on the triggers of guns and the detonators of weapons of mass destruction.
    The time for deference is over. The time for action is now. Page 223.

  • The greatest majority of religious money is spent on propagating and perpetuating
    the religious myth. This activity is no more deserving of tax exemption than the
    entertaining myths created by Hollywood.  Footnote 372.

  • The rising tide of atheism is inevitable. We should help it by building channels to
    erode religious structures. Religious violence makes this necessary. And hopefully
    the tide and our efforts will succeed before religionists bring about their imagined
    end times with nuclear destruction. Page 228.